Museum Hronov – Interactive museum of clever fun Pod čepicí, Hronov

Right in the center of the town Hronov, the new museum, Museum of Clever Fun Pod čepicí, is being created in the 200 square meter space. We believe that this fun learning center for kids, adults, school kids and preschool kids, not only from the town of Hronov, but from the whole Czech Republic and from abroad, will become a place of wonderful learning, experience, creativity and background. It will be a place for together experiences and a place to which you will like to return. The museum will be open in the year 2016.

30th April 2016

In the town of Hronov, you can visit not only the birthplace of famous Czech writer Aloise Jirásek, but also soon our Interactive museum of clever fun, Pod čepicí.

What is our museum Pod čepicí preparing for you?

  • you will see clever exhibitions which will practice your sense perceptions
  • we will bring near to you miracles of natural phenomenons and the ingenuity of interesting inventions
  • you will be able to have fun and relax at our creative workshops
  • we will invite you for interviews with interesting guests from different creative backgrounds

Museum Pod čepicí in the center of the town Hronov will be opening in the beginning of the year 2016

Thanks to the town of Hronov, our museum of interactive fun, Pod čepicí, was able to acquire a beautiful space. Right in downtown Hronov a new tourist activity is being created. We are looking forward to the fact that soon our museum is going to be able to welcome you to the beginning exhibition titled – Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light

Museum Hronov – did you know that OSN proclaimed the year 2015 the international year of light?

Our museum has joined the international action, International Year of Light. In the whole world and also in our Czech Republic, is taking place many educational and cultural projects under the patronage of OSN and UNESCO programs. They draw attention to the impressive history of optics and light and its role during the beginning of life on earth and its important role for present society. You can learn more at

Museum of clever fun Pod čepicí, Hronov

Muzeum chytré zábavy Pod čepicí, HronovThe first part of the project, named Let There Be Light, the museum Pod čepicí devotes to preschool kids, school kids, and students from the town of Hronov. It has to do with participation from our museum Pod čepicí in the global action: International Year of Light 2015. The Museum of Clever Fun, Pod čepicí, Hronov, is preparing for kids and youth a program into which they can themselves actively participate. Results from this program will be shown to the public in the beginning of the year 2016 during the opening of the new interactive museum of clever fun. The details about the whole project you can find in the folder „Programs for Schools and Kindergartens“.
  • Museum address:
    Interactive museum of clever fun Pod čepicí
    Čapkova č. 193
    549 31 Hronov

    Martina Špringrová, DiS., tel. +420 606 817 607
    Lenka Grimová, DiS., tel. +420 606 817 607
  • Opening times:
    Mon closed
    Tue – Fri 13:00 – 17:00
    Sat – Sun 9:00 – 11:30, 13:00 – 17:00

    Interactive museum of clever fun Pod čepicí

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